Sonia Design and Loison

Every collection I create is a journey that engages all the senses, starting with the sight that gets lost in images from other times, in details chosen with the utmost care, such as a golden charm whose point of light is the signature that seals the work and makes the packaging unique and precious.

Touch is stimulated through the ribbons, paths our fingers follow to caress the smoothness of satin or the enveloping softness of velvet.

And when the package is opened, the sense of smell and taste are engaged with a burst of finely blended flavors and aromas capable of awakening the dearest memories, cherished deep in the heart.

What I create is, therefore, an interpretation of a theme through my eyes and soul, inspired by, for example, past artists or drawing from the collections of books, postcards, and period tools in the Loison Museum that tell the story of Italian pastry art over the last century.